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30.3.2024 at 12-16 Hour Stentorp Eastern

Small lambs to be seen , new yarns and lambskin for sale.

15-16.6.2024 at 12-16 Opning of the Summerexhibition in the sheephouse.

The sheep are grazing near the house and the sheephouse is emptied , cleaned and desinfected and gives place for art and craft. Guestexhibitor is professor of the computerscience in Helsinki University , Hannu Toivonen from Porvoo. His skills for creating visual artwork using artificial intelligence , AI is seen in the sheephouse. Recently he has publiched a book about AI . https://www.xn--mittekolyon-n8ae.fi/ http://www.cs.helsinki.fi/hannu.toivonen/ Hannu will be presenting his work on the opening personally.

The Stentorp wool -and skinproducts are also exposed in the sheephouse. The shepherd Heikki Vendelin will show his work together with the sheepdog Rofa at 13 and 15 o´clock. Lambsburgers from the grill, coffe and homebaked are served. The exhibition is open the whole summer 12-16.


OMA PUOTI  : Katariinankatu 4 b , Bocks House , 00170 Helsinki, tel 044-9725165,  Netshop ,sagamaa@kolumbus.fi  Oma puoti


Bjåen Fjällstuve in  Hovden, Norway  has a collection of pullovers for sale .  Bjåen Fjellstove . facebook Bjåen



Christmas calendar.

Trubadur Åke Hillström , Schweden, song and guitar. Stentorpvalsen: https://open.spotify.com/track/1PJeucaVei3bQ5JxURI92Y