From lambs to ready product, ethically and ecologically

Stentorp - Finland
Our goal for the business is to increase the value of our own Finnsheep landrace, utilize the local resources and craftsmen skills as much as possible.

Stentorps history

Stentorp is a jugend style villa directly by the sea, build in 1917 by fabricant Joakim Vilén. The steamship brought the family to the jetty for the summer holiday. The sauna by the sea, “Moominhouse” built at the same time is now used as a cottage to rent. As late as in the 60ies the electricity, water and drain was installed. The cellar was opened to a “bodega” which now functions as the sales exhibition the year around.

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Stentorp founded 1987

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The Rosa stentorpiana

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Sheep are grazing free on islands

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Stentorps main building

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Jill Christiansen (Jill von Weymarn) has giving lectures and published articles and travel abstracts in branch journals.

ARTICLE written by Mary O´Malley , PUBLISHED   about Work with wool at Stentorp .

Finnsheep are the Perfect Fiber Animals

ARTICLE PUBLISHED  by FBA , Short Tales, Volume 12 Nov2016-Jan2017 : PAGE 6-11.FBA article  “Jill Christensen of Stentorp, Finland shared her experience raising Finnsheep in Finland with FBA members and Finnsheep fans on the east and west coast If you were unable to attend, I hope the article on pages 6-11 will help satisfy your curiosity. A variation of this article will appear in the March April issue of SHEEP! 2017″

“Finnsheep as the source of creativity” Jill Christiansen , visit and talk organized by the American Finnsheep Breeders Association and Mary O* Malley.  Monday Sept 19, 2016 from 1-4 pm at Dancing Waters Farm, Rochester , Washington and Friday , Sept. 23, 2016 from 1-4-pm at Honeysuckle Farm , Silver Spring, Maryland.

Announced in -The SHEPHERD, august,2016, Vol 61, Number8 , side 32.                                                                    -SHEEP !  Sept/October 2016,Vol 37, Number 5 , side 16-17                                 ————              -The BANNER, July/August,2016, Page 44

Catalogue “Wools of Europe” exhibition   1-6.5.2010 Rambouillet, France.   p. 86. Wools of Europe

Paper held at “the 8th World Congress on Colored Sheep” 20.5.2014, Pariisi: Finnsheep as a source of creativity.

She got the honorable title of the TAITO Entrepreneur of craft 2014 in the Turku region.

Atelier Laines d ´Europe , Bulletin 24 s.33 – Avril 2015:” Un autre style de possible.”

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