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Experience the beautiful nature, the magic atmosphere and peace

We offer interesting programs and attractions for different groups:
-Presentation of the enterprise and possibility to caress the sheep.
-Stroll in the beautiful surrounding by the sea.
-Sales exhibition of wool- and skin products in the cellar (Bodega)
-Aquarelles in the dining room
-Craft exhibition/ Farm shop or wool and fur products in the cellar (bodega)
-Aquarelles and photos in the dining room.
-Sheepdog show.Our 12 year old Bordercollie Oba died in July so no shows any more this year but next year we hope our new little Bordercollie Rofa can show what he has leared by then.

This autumns yield.

On Order beforehand , For ca 10 persones,  we can arrange a walk around Stentorp to pick some wild and cultivated herbs for making pesto and salad which is then eaten with lambsmeat pie. Coffee and chocladecake afterwards.  The costs are 27 €per p and takes about 2 h.

The main program is of course the craft and art. Especially popular is also the sheepdog show. Our programs are suitable for young and old.

Contact us for planning the program for your group: 0400 844 506

Stroll in beatiful sorrounding by the sea

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Also groups of smaller are mostly welcome

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Sheeps are always present

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We can welcome one buslot visitors at a time

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Sheepdog shows are popular

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During the summer season, June-August, different exhibitions of art and craft in the sheep house and outside. (summer exhibition 2015 during planning)

We can welcome one bus lot visitors at a time (50p) upon reservation the year around. Most visits take about one hour. With additional sheepdog show and coffee it takes about 2 hours.

A typical visit takes ca one hour. With coffee and a sheepdog show its best to reserve 2 hours.
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Menu  OIVA raportti
Summerdrink  9€ per pers
Coffee with homemade cake /lambsmeat pie( max 50 pers ) 12/15 € per pers
Lambsmeatpie  or vege soup with salad ,bread, coffee and cake ( max 25 pers ). 25 € per pers