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The surrounding nature, the sheep, the living in the archipelago, the Viking and Kalevala world are the wells of my inspiration. As every spinning lot contains of wool fibers from different sheep the nuances of the yarn varies every time. Depending on the light refraction when you combine natural fibers together, the colors on the ready sweater shows fascinating varieties.

My aim is that the product feels soft on your body, the material and pattern are timeless and in balance and corresponds to the modern, conscious consumers wishes.

The Yarn

The FINE FINNWOOL yarn consists of 100 % Finnsheep wool. It is soft, not dyed, handled with care without chemicals in the spinning mill so that the natural “wool grease” (lanolin) remains and makes the yarn water and dirt repellent. It is 2 ply, TEX 180×2, 270 m/100g. The skeins varies between 100-220 g and are available in 6-9 color nuances.
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